Friday, December 24, 2010

I write Novels; Among Us and Under Man's Spell.
I write fiction and creative nonfiction. I am also looking forward to writing YA and children's books, sometime in the near future.

My second book "Under Man's Spell" was inspired by true events. The story interweaves the lives of several families living traditional lives in the heart of Africa, and shows the disturbing impact of dogmatic tradition and superstition on individuals and communities.

I'm currently working on my third Novel.

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ISBN 978-1-4343-8755-4

"Among Us", is about a young guy called Alex who grows up in the shadow of his mysterious and feared father. Upon the death of his father Alex is drawn into supernatural and evil world of witches and black magic and is forced to escape in order to maintain control of his own life. This is a tale of physical and emotional survival which gives inspiration and insight into the power of an individual, even when faced with unspeakable evil.

ISBN 978-1-4389-8342-4
ISBN 978-1-4389-8343-1

"Under Man's Spell", has been inspired by the true events in the country of Tanzania.
From the old ladies who are burnt to death due to the belief that they are witches only because of their red eyes and wrinkled skins, to the albinos who are killed due to different beliefs mostly associated with black magic, human beings are tormented and killed in numbers unbeliavable to those who are living in more civilized societies.


J.K. Muta, was born in Tanzania where she received her education through high school. She then moved to United States, where she attended college and received a degree in Business and in Finance. Some of the colleges she attended includes, NIACC and Hamilton college both in Mason City Iowa and Upper Iowa University. She is currently residing in the state of North Carolina with her family where, among other things, she is pursuing her writing career.

She is the author of two books, "Among Us", which was her first published book and her second book, "Under Man's Spell". She has completed her third Novel and she is looking forward to publishing it. JK is currently working on a young adult book among her other projects.

J.K. Muta started writing when she was about ten years old. She used to love writing stories about her family and she always loved watching her family members read her short stories, too bad she never collected those stories because she believes she could have a great collection of those childhood stories.
A Preview for Under Man's Spell

Three guys ran forward and attacked her together. Abe swung her knife and got at least two of them, but that did not stop them. They pushed her into the house and almost stepped on her as they enterd the house. She got up quickly and ran to where the baby was crying. She grabbed the baby and clung to her. They tried to pull the baby from her but they couldn't. More men went in and dragged her and the baby out. When people got a glance of the baby some ran away, but many of the others started throwing stones at both Abe and the baby. They kept throwing the stones at them until they were motionless. They then took firewood and pushed them back into the house before setting it on fire,...........