Friday, December 24, 2010


J.K. Muta, was born in Tanzania where she received her education through high school. She then moved to United States, where she attended college and received a degree in Business and in Finance. Some of the colleges she attended includes, NIACC and Hamilton college both in Mason City Iowa and Upper Iowa University. She is currently residing in the state of North Carolina with her family where, among other things, she is pursuing her writing career.

She is the author of two books, "Among Us", which was her first published book and her second book, "Under Man's Spell". She has completed her third Novel and she is looking forward to publishing it. JK is currently working on a young adult book among her other projects.

J.K. Muta started writing when she was about ten years old. She used to love writing stories about her family and she always loved watching her family members read her short stories, too bad she never collected those stories because she believes she could have a great collection of those childhood stories.

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