Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hear direct from Shalonda "Treasure" Williams

I'm Shalonda "Treasure" Williams. A mother of four that has a love for writing, singing & acting but most of all for encouraging others.

The main reason I write is to encourage others. Being an author is powerful and can be used to cross so many barriers. And, barriers need to be broken in order to truly show love.

Love is my primary focus. The name of under which I will organize my business will be Love Walk Motivations. Why? Because it is so important to display it and to walk in it so that others will know that they are cared for and not alone.

I wrote my first two books as Love Walk Meditations; a Christian Series of books because that is where I first learned about love. Though I am now more spiritual than religious I learned from Christ what God's love really means. I decided to share a bit of that in my books. As time moves God continues to teach me. I am constantly shown the heart of God for this world and EACH person in it. This love is not conditional, so who I am now determined to reach is not based on certain criteria.

I am still a believer? Yes, but I know more than I did years ago and I am grateful that I prayed for sight.

I now reach out to others with books like my last one that is entitled "PurposeFull You: You Are Full of Great Purpose". In this book I had to let others know that their purpose is no less great than the next person and that it is not up to society or family and friends to decided what's great and what's not.

My future holds more books of motivation & encouragement. I am working on my next one entitled "Let's 'GO': Get Over to Get On with Life" in which I lend my hand to help push others to that 'GO' position so that they can live life to its fullest potential.

My future also holds a few novels, motivational/encouragement speaking and certification in life coaching and mediation.

To learn more about me please visit my website at or to download a copy of "PurposeFull You" please visit and to check out my other books visit my page at

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  1. Awesome job J.K. Thank you for such a great platform. Bless you. Much peace and favor I pray for you.