Monday, March 8, 2010

My Third Book

It was much fun writing my third book with a little torture sometimes :)and I'm glad I kept pushing myself in those days when I didn't feel like been in front of the computer. I now can't wait to hear from the editors and critiques. It is interesting to hear what the editors and critiques have to say. For me it is normally a learning experience and I try to take the advice I get from them to improve my work but sometimes I just have to let go of some of the things that comes up because as we all know it is impossible to please each and everyone. I usually appreciate the input I get from the editors and critiques because it surely can make a difference.

Like reviews sometimes it is hard to take what critiques might say but they are human beings and they have their opinions like any other human being, they can be bias and sometimes they might be wrong but they also think like some other people and what they say might be what the readers might think when they read the book and so there is that thin line between what the author should take and what they should leave. It all comes down to ones best judgment. Sometimes it is best for one to follow their heart but sometimes one is better off being flexible and to take what others suggest.

Speaking about being flexible my third book is an example of being flexible, when I started writing this book it was suppose to be a very different story from what I ended up with. I still have the main characters I started with in this book but the story changed dramatically when I was writing it and I just found myself writing what was coming in my head and it was not what I had planned to write. In the beginning the novel was suppose to be about a poor family in a third world country and I ended with a mystery novel surrounding some rich families. Interesting!

I had a great time writing this book and I spent the shortest time writing this novel than any of my previous books. It took me less than six months to write the whole book which is 109,750 words. Of course I had to do some revisions afterwards but that was just the icing on the cake  though that is normally not the best part of my writing for me. I would rather write and let someone else go through it but then I usually have things to add and delete which only I know about and that makes it crucial for me to be the one doing that.

Will keep you all updated about the book and when I’m going to release it.

Right now I’m about to start working on my fourth book.

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