Thursday, August 19, 2010

Passion and Dreams

What is your passion? What are your dreams?
Do you have a passion? Do you have a dream?
Everybody have a passion and a dream but only a few people work on their passion and follow their dreams.
A 9-5 job might be necessary to pay the bills but if your job is not what you love to do then you might spend your entire life in misery. So while you go to that job you don’t love try to put aside time for your passion and your dreams because it is only when you start working on what you love and on achieving your dreams that is how you are going make the necessary changes in your life and start living the life you desire.

I started writing just for writing because it was my passion and as I kept writing I realized I can do more than just writing the stories and putting them away, I realized I could publish my work and share with others who otherwise wouldn’t have known about my stories and I now have two published books, Among Us and Under Man’s Spell and the third one is completed and I am looking forward to publishing it.

Follow your dreams, work on your passion.

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